Collections of Papers


The collections of papers published by the Institute represent one form of the team work of its associates on one or more projects, or are the result of scientific conferences organised within the framework of projects initiated by the Institute dedicated to specific areas of literary studies, literary-historical periods, writers and their works, thematically or typologically related wholes, intercultural connections, and are often interdisciplinary in character.

These collections of papers are international, regional or national in character, and their aim is to gather the most eminent connoisseurs of a particular area or issue and to shed more light on them and establish the specific characteristics of their development using contemporary theoretical-methodological approaches.

The Institute’s collections of papers are published in the form of Special editions and Yearbooks (comprising the series: theoretical research, comparative studies, history of Serbian literary periodicals, studies of poetics), with the financial support of the Ministry of Science of Serbia. Some of these collections of papers are the result of cooperation with prestigious national scientific institutions like the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Matica srpska (The Serbian Cultural Society), the National Library of Serbia, as well as Slavic Departments at some European Universities (in Poznan, Sofia, Jena, Innsbruck). Recent publications are also available from the electronic database of the Institute for Literature and Art, and may be obtained at the Institute as well.