Culturological Theories of Literature and Serbian Literary Criticism


Full-time employees

Outside collaborators

  • Tatjana Rosić, PhD
  • Petar Pijanović, PhD

The project continues with the theoretical literary research that has been conducted in the Institute for Literature and Art for last fifty years. In the previous period, modern aesthetical and philosophical systems (ontology, phenomenology, structuralism), have been critically assessed, new methodologies of literary scholarship (Anglo-American new criticism, aesthetics of reception, semiotics and archetypes theory) have been established, and the significant theoretical research in the poetics of particular literary genres. The research papers were published in the form of monographs, tens of thematic proceedings and several hundred scholarly papers in academic journals. In the following four-year-period, the theoretical literary research will be continued, innovated, systematized and critically evaluated. The scholarly work will be conducted on two plans: critical evaluation of contemporary theories of culture and their application in new interpretations, reactualization and reevaluation of Serbian modern literature and 2) research of theoretical foundations and theoretical aspects of Serbian literary thought in the second half of the 20th century, i.e. the examination of the application of major literary theories in Serbian literary criticism.