Change of poetic paradigms in serbian literature of the 20th century: national and european context


Full-time employees

Outside collaborators

  • Jovan Delić, PhD (Head of project)
  • Aleksandar Jovanović, PhD
  • Aleksandar Jerkov, PhD
  • Slađana Jaćimović, PhD
  • Predrag Petrović, MA
  • Persida Lazarevuć di Giacomo, MA
  • Aleksandar Bišković, MA
  • Mina Đurić

The purpose of this four-year project is to conduct research into and provide a description of, by way of team work and internal approach, the changes of poetic paradigms that occurred, first of all, in two tumultuous periods of Serbian literature: the avant-garde period (1919-1934) and the period of modernism following the Second World War (from the mid-1950’s). Both periods are characterised by an intense dialogue with European culture, and it is thus necessary to review the depth and the value of the changes and innovations within national literature; it is also necessary, however, to explain them in a comparative context as well. In this way, the project, in the nature of things, fits in with the priorities envisaged by this competition: describing the national identity of Serbian literature and culture, and its integration within the framework of European literature and culture. The changes in the sphere of genre, form, verse, stanza and world-view occurred in parallel flows and at the same time in Serbian and European, most of all French, literature, so that stylistic trends, that is formations or “movements” (dadaism, expressionism, cubofuturism, surrealism, zenithism and hypnism) occurred simultaneously. The focus of the team research will be on poetry, while the poetics of prose and drama will be studied within the framework of carefully selected and targeted master, doctoral and habilitation theses, which would cover the poetic issues of not only the periods selected but also of modernism and postmodernism, that is, the beginning and the end of the 20th century. A succession of thematic monograph-type collections of papers will encompass the poetics of the most important poets not researched until now (Stanislav Vinaver, Miloš Crnjanski, Dušan Matić and Oskar Davičo, as well as Borislav Radović, Matija Bećković, Alek Vukadinović and others).