Serbian literature in the European cultural space


Full-time employees

Outside collaborators

  • Jelena Novaković, PhD
  • Bojan Đorđević, PhD
  • Tihomir Brajović, PhD
  • Adrijana Marčetić, PhD
  • Zorica Đergović-Joksimović, PhD

The research aims to establish the place and importance of different aspects of Serbian literature in Southern-Slavic, European and world-wide literary and cultural occurrences, as well as to distinguish and analyze various ways in which international literary and cultural phenomena influenced Serbian literature. The project researches comparative aspects of identity and alterity, issues of gender, postcoloniality and the body; traditions and phenomena of fantastic literature; literary epochs and movements, forms and genres; chronotopes; avant-garde, science fiction, fantasy and utopian literature, humorous, satirical-parodic and serious-comical, folk, children’s and popular literature. It analyses the permeation of cultural heritage and new literary contents in the works of Serbian writers creating abroad. It considers the subject and methodology of comparative studies, terminology, the relationships of literature and other arts; mythopoeia, translation, representation and narrativity in literature and visual arts, the influence of the Internet on literature and vice versa. Particular attention is devoted to the possibilities of digital technology for a comparative study of literature and publishing of its results in the form of a semantic web, aimed to permeate the material with competent knowledge and connect with other related scientific areas and projects. The research is multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary.

theory, literature, discourse, genres, avant-garde, gender