The Institute for Literature and Art employs 34 people: 2 scientific advisers, 3 senior scientific associates, 9 scientific associates, 10 research associates and 7 research trainees; the Institute administration consists of 3 employees. During the course of the 2002-2006 period, around ten trainees were employed; most of them were the recipients of grants provided by the Ministry of Science of the Republic of Serbia, so that the ongoing change of generations can be carried out in an adequate manner.

The outside collaborators on Institute projects are mostly from the Faculty of Philology (5 full professors), two of them are heads of projects, 2 come from the Faculty of Teacher Training, 3 of them are associate professors, 1 is a senior lecturer, 2 are assistant lecturers, 1 is a scientific associate, and 1 works as editor at the Srpska književna zadruga [Serbian Literary Cooperative] publishing house.

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The Institute intends to subject both the older and the more recent periods of our national literature to new scientific analyses and syntheses, using contemporary theoretical approaches, and to review them in the context of South Slavic and broader European cultural and literary trends. These tasks have been set within the framework of the five-year plan pertaining to the Institute projects managed by experts in particular fields, and Institute trainees are gradually preparing to competently study those areas and issues.