Scientific Conference and Lectures


One of the forms of research work within the framework of Institute projects are scientific conferences financed by the authorised Ministry – the Ministry of Science of the Republic of Serbia. In terms of their level, the types of participants, the areas and the disciplines covered, these conferences can be national, regional or international in character; some of them are of a literary-theoretical nature, others are more focused on literary-historical issues, often involving other related scientific disciplines (aesthetics, culturology, philosophy, art history, ethnology), and are interdisciplinary in character. These conferences are also organised in cooperation with similar scientific institutions from other countries (Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina), and national scientific institutions are sometimes involved in them, especially local ones (the central libraries of certain regions).

The Institute has already made several serious attempts to get involved in international scientific projects financed by the European Union, and there are good chances for it to become part of one of those projects in September this year. This would contribute not only to an increase of the scientific competence of the Institute on the international level, but would also enable it to gain access to funds for the organisation of scientific conferences, round-table or panel discussions more easily, and would thereby facilitate its access to new scientific methods and theoretical concepts and provide the Institute trainees with new forms of scientific training.

Here you can find information about scientific conferences organised by the Institute for Literature and Art: